Innovation Day


About Innovation Day

Member companies may send groups of their most promising young researchers to this two day event which exposes them to topics on the frontiers of today’s chemical research. Plenary sessions and a series of interactive discussion groups address currently relevant subjects.  The event also gives attendees plenty of time for informal interaction and networking with their peers from other companies.  First held in 2004, the program is organized by the Science History Institute in concert with an advisory group of SCI member chief technology officers, who help organize and moderate discussion groups. The Gordon E Moore medal is presented at lunch on Innovation Day.

Innovation Day Format

Day one:  The conference begins in the afternoon with an optional workshop for early arrivers, an opening reception, and a dinner with a featured speaker.

Day two:  An opening plenary is followed by a number of contemporaneous discussion groups and a poster session.  The Gordon E Moore medal winner receives the medal at lunch and gives an address on his or her work.  Additional discussion groups are held in the afternoon followed by a closing reception.

Perkin Medal Dinner: The Perkin Medalists gives an address at a dinner in his or her honor the evening of day two.

Who Attends

Attendees come mainly from the research organizations or other technical groups in the SCI member companies.  A number of research managers also attend.  The conference typically draws about 150 people.

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Photos from Past Innovation Days

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