Dow Chemical Company Research Fellow Jerzy Klosin to Receive 10th Annual SCI Gordon E. Moore Medal


Discovery of New Generation of Catalysts Represents a Significant Achievement and a Major Milestone in Industrial Chemistry

PHILADELPHIA—May 6, 2013The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI), America Section, will award the 10th annual SCI Gordon E. Moore Medal to Dr. Jerzy Klosin, Research Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company, at a luncheon in his honor on Innovation Day 2013. The luncheon, which will be held on Sept. 17 at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) headquarters in Philadelphia, is a joint event hosted by SCI and CHF, which gathers more than 150 leading researchers from industrial laboratories to discuss current trends and issues in chemical research.

The SCI established the Gordon E. Moore Medal to recognize early-career success in innovation, as reflected both in market impact and improvement to quality of life.

Dr. Klosin is being recognized for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of industrial chemistry in the discovery, scale-up, and commercialization of a new generation of catalysts used in the production of a wide range of important polyolefins including ELITETM, AFFINITYTM, ENGAGETM, INFUSETM, and NORDELTM.

Klosin’s catalysts deliver great control of co-monomer incorporation and termination reactions, thus enabling the creation of wholly new polymer architectures. The resulting “designer polyolefins” can be tailored to help streamline processes and enhance sustainability by significantly improving the energy efficiency of production.   Dr. Klosin is the third scientist from Dow to receive the Gordon E. Moore Medal since its inception 10 years ago.

“We are honored that Jerzy Klosin has been recognized as the Gordon E. Moore Medal recipient for his exceptional innovation in chemical research,” said Andrew N. Liveris, Chairman and CEO of Dow.  “Jerzy has mastered catalysis at the molecular level and has helped to create new and improved materials that are integral to products society benefits from every day.  We are proud to be part of his journey and applaud him for the technical excellence this award represents.”

About Jerzy Klosin

Klosin is a Research Fellow at Dow’s Core R&D facility located in Midland, Mich., where he has worked for 18 years. He focuses on the design of organometallic polyolefin catalysts. Through control of complex ligand frameworks, selection of metal centers, and co-catalyst combinations, he has enabled the successful commercialization of a number of product families. Klosin’s fundamental understanding of the influence of electronic and steric effects have allowed him to tailor the activity of catalytic metal centers to produce novel polyolefin materials. He has also been able to impart temperature stability that led to dramatic improvements in productivity and energy consumption.

Klosin holds 22 U.S. patents related to his areas of research. Respected throughout the industry for his thought leadership, Klosin has authored more than 40 papers that have been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented more than 25 invited lectures. He holds a Master of Science from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, and a Ph.D in organic chemistry from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

About the SCI Gordon E. Moore Medal

The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) established the SCI Gordon E. Moore Medal to recognize early-career success in innovation, as reflected both in market impact and improvement to quality of life. By highlighting extraordinary individuals and their work, SCI aims to promote public understanding of research and development in modern chemical industries, enhance the interest of students in applied chemistry by providing role models, and emphasize the role of creative research in the global economy.

Past SCI Gordon E. Moore Medalists

Now in its 10th year, the Moore Medal has recognized outstanding young technologists across the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Dean Rende (2012)

  • Doron Levin (2011)
  • Emmett Crawford (2010)
  • Emma Parmee (2009)
  • Edmund M. Carnahan (2008)
  • Paul A. Sagel (2007)
  • Jonathan M. McConnachie (2006)
  • Jeffrey John Hale (2005)
  • George Barclay ( 2004)

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