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History and Purpose: The Chemical Industry Medal, established in 1933, replaced the coveted Grasselli Medal, which had been sponsored by the Grasselli Chemical Company and awarded by SCI America for more than a decade. Presentation of the Chemical Industry Medal is made annually to a recipient who has rendered conspicuous service to chemical industry medalapplied chemistry and is selected by the SCI America Executive Committee.  The Chemical Industry Medal is a testimonial to men and women whose leadership, foresight, and contributions to applied chemistry have been, to a considerable degree, responsible for the growth of that industry. A desire to honor such people, those who have made a personal contribution to the advance of society and economy through technology, is at the core of the America Group’s identity. For over 100 years, leaders of the Group, all of whom operate at the highest ranks of American industry, have been enthusiasts for the excitement of the possibilities that can flow from marrying science with industry. The medal has attained distinction by reason of the outstanding achievements and caliber of those who have been honored The Chemical Industry Medal is conferred at a special banquet held in honor of the winner at New York’s famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Throughout the 20th century, and now in the 21st century, these events have been regarded as ‘must attend’ occasions across the spectrum of science-based industry and commerce. The matchless contact-building opportunities provided by such occasions is demonstrated by the caliber of those participants.

2018 Medalist – Cal Dooley

Cal Dooley“Cal Dooley is celebrated for his role in strengthening the competitive position of U.S. chemical manufacturers by advocating for a business and regulatory climate that drives innovation, supports job growth and enhances safety,” said Chris Pappas, President and CEO of Trinseo and chair of SCI America. “Under Cal’s leadership, ACC has achieved some of its greatest successes in recent memory, including the modernization of chemicals management regulation. His leadership and vision have helped enact policies that enable the growth of the Business of Chemistry, while protecting health, safety and the environment in our nation.”

Dooley’s leadership has been critical to ensuring that policymakers understand the link between the chemical industry and growth in America’s manufacturing sector that will drive U.S. competitiveness, boost exports, and create new, high-paying jobs. These achievements have created a more favorable environment for the business of chemistry in the U.S. – contributing to the industry’s historic growth during his tenure, which currently stands at $180 billion in new capital investment and 300 new industry projects including new manufacturing facilities, expansions and restarts of sites that had been shuttered during the economic downturn.

In 2016, Dooley was recognized as one of the most influential lobbyists in Washington by The Hill magazine. His effectiveness stems from the relationships he built during his 12 years as in the U.S. House of Representatives. As a moderate Democrat representing Central California from 1991 to 2004, he served on the House Agriculture Committee, as well as the House Resources Committee.

“During his time in Congress and in his current role, Cal has built a reputation as a pragmatic, pro-business moderate, whose personal integrity commands the respect of federal regulators and legislators on both sides of the aisle,” said Pappas.

A fourth generation farmer, Dooley holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from the University of California, Davis and, as a Sloan Fellow, earned a master’s degree in management from Stanford University.

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