Gordon E. Moore Medal


History and Purpose: 

The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI America) has established the SCI America Gordon E. Moore Medal as the premier recognition for early career success in innovation, as reflected both in market impact and improvement to the quality of life.  By highlighting extraordinary individuals and their work, the Society aims to promote public understanding of research and development in the modern chemical industries, enhance the interest of students in applied chemistry by providing role models, and emphasize the role of creative research in the global economy.

Gordon Moore webslideBased on the concept that the award name should draw attention to young innovators and connect with to the established Perkin Medal, the SCI America Executive Committee named the award for Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel and a seminal figure in the establishment and development of the semiconductor industry.  Mr. Moore has often described Intel as a chemical company.  As a research chemist and then director of R&D, Gordon Moore carried out pioneering work on silicon transistors, the integrated circuit, semiconductor computer memory, and the microprocessor, while well under the age of 45.

2018 Medalist: Steven Swier

StevenSwierSteven is a Principal Research Scientist for The Dow Chemical Company. Over the last 13 years working within Dow Performance Silicones, a common thread of Steven’s work has been his devleopment of silsesquioxane resins and, more recently, their phrase separated copolymers with linear units for high temperature applications. Steven began as a Resin Specialist in 2005. He advanced to a technical leader and used his innovation and leadership expertise to progress to his current role as a Principal Research Scientist where he champions and implements technologies from inception to commercialization.

Steven has also been a global techincal leader for emerging LED film encapsulation and technical lead for technology and implementation teams. He’s published 27 journal articles and 77 internal technical research reports as well as two book chapters.

Steven received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1997 and a Ph.D. in Applied Science (Polymer Science)  from the University of Brussels, Belgium. He won the Solvay Award for his PhD thesis in 2004. His DPS Technical Achievement Awards include his discovery of silsequioxane-siloxane copolymers in 2010, solid LED encapsulants for lighting in 2012, and a new hybrid technology in 2017.  He was a R&D 100 Award Finalist in 2017.


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