About SCI America


SCI America’s mission is to recognize achievement in industrial chemistry and in doing so, publicize the chemical industry’s positive contributions to society.

Established in 1894, we are known formally as Society of Chemical Industry, America Group, and are associated with the U.K.-based Society of Chemical Industry.

SCI America encourages young people to pursue careers in industrial chemistry. We are best known for our premier awards, which acknowledge technical and management achievement. SCI America also runs scholarship programs in support of our mission to advance education in chemistry and chemical engineering in the U.S.

SCI America is a non-profit organization. We shares offices with the Science History Institute at 315 Chestnut Street in the historic section of Philadelphia.

SCI America also offers our members the opportunity to become part of a network of industry thought leaders and researchers. Our annual Innovation Day conference allows young researchers and technologists to exchange views on the state and future of chemical research.

Resa Thomason serves as the organization’s executive director.

History of SCI America