Chemical Industry Medal Award Rules


The Chemical Industry Medal

1. The Chemical Industry Medal may be awarded annually, at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the Society of Chemical Industry America Group. The recipient of the Medal shall be a person who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, has rendered conspicuous service to applied chemistry.

2. Any nominee should have been an active guiding force in the management of his/her company during periods of maximum growth or development of new chemical or allied fields.  Generally the award is made for lifetime achievement.

3. Nominees for the Award shall be proposed by the Medals Committee of the Executive Committee following a careful screening of the qualifications of all candidates, provided that all SCI Members shall be invited to submit one or more candidates for consideration.  Nominees should not include active officers or Executive Committee members of the Section.  Nominees not selected for the award in any given year may continue to be considered for two years after the original nomination.

4. The Chairman of the Medals Committee shall submit a slate of nominees to the Executive Committee prior to its regular September meeting, at which meeting the Executive Committee shall select a single nominee by an affirmative ballot vote of a majority of Executive Committee members present or having cast absentee ballots.  In case a majority choice cannot be obtained, the Chairman of the Medals Committee shall call for a second ballot, among Executive Committee members present, limited to the two leading candidates, as determined by votes cast on the initial vote except that if two or more candidates are tied for second place, the ballot shall include the first place candidate and all second place candidates. The Chairman may conduct additional ballots if, in his/her opinion, a winner will be selected.  If a majority vote cannot be obtained, the Chairman shall mail a letter ballot to all members of the Executive Committee, following the Letter Ballot Procedure below.

The incumbent Medals Committee shall complete the selection process prior to assigning their responsibilities to the new Medals Committee.

5. Letter Ballot Procedure (same as used in Perkin Medal balloting):

(a) The Chairman of the Committee shall send to each member of the Executive Committee a copy of these rules and a list of all nominees and the reasons for their nominations, presenting these in the form of statement submitted by their proposers, but withholding the identification of the latt(b) The Chairman of the Medals Committee shall request a letter ballot showing both “First Choice” and “Second Choice” votes.  The candidate receiving a majority of the “First Choice” votes cast shall be considered nominated.  In case a choice shall not have been made on the first letter ballot, the Chairman shall request a second letter ballot limited to the two leading candidates, as determined by “First Choice” votes cast on the first letter ballot, excepting that if two or more candidates shall be tied for either first or second place, the second letter ballot shall include any and all first and second place candidates.  If this selection does not eliminate at least one candidate from the second letter ballot, the Chairman shall determine a weighted average vote for each candidate by assigning two points for each “First Choice” vote and one point for each “Second Choice” vote case on the first letter ballot.  The candidate(s) with the lowest weighted average shall not be included on the second letter ballot.  All voting may be done electronically by email.

The Chairman may call for additional letter ballots if he/she believes progress in selecting a candidate can be made.

6. The nomination and voting process shall be scheduled roughly as follows:

  • Mid-April:  Medals Chair requests nominations from all SCI Members
  • Early June:  deadline for nominations
  • June/July:  Medals committee selects candidates for Executive Committee vote
  • August: nomination packages sent to Executive Committee
  • September:  Executive Committee meeting and vote

7. Immediately following the selection of a nominee by the Executive Committee, the Chairman of the Section shall notify the nominee of his/her selection.  On receipt of the nominee’s acceptance, including his/her agreement to deliver an address at the time of the award, his/her selection shall be official.  Until these conditions are met, the nomination shall not be made public.

8. In the event the nominee selected by the Executive Committee declines to accept the award, the Executive Committee shall be polled by the Chairman to select a new nominee.  The Executive Committee may, if necessary, call upon the Medals Committee for a new slate of nominees.

9. The presentation of the Chemical Industry Medal shall be made by the Chair of the Section at the following March meeting of members of the America Group, to which non-members of the Society shall also be invited to honor the Medalist.  In the absence of both the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, the Executive Committee shall designate a past or present officer to make the presentation.  Following the presentation, the Medalist shall deliver a lecture on a subject of his/her own choosing.

10. The medal may not be received in absentia except under conditions of grave emergency approved by the Chairman of the Section.

11. The Executive Committee of the America Section shall have the power to amend these rules or to decide any matter not specifically provided in them.

Past Chemical Industry Medal Award winners

Chemical Industry Medal Award nomination form