Gordon E. Moore Medal Award Rules


1. Each year, a new award recipient will be selected to recognize a significant innovation made by an industrial scientist early in his/her career.  Scientists from academia will not be considered, unless they have direct and significant involvement in commercializing an innovation.

2.  The SCI America Gordon E. Moore Medal recognizes an outstanding individual who fulfills the following criteria:

  • He/She is 45 or younger in the Award year and either a U.S. citizen or resident,
  • He/She has developed a breakthrough innovation.
  • His/Her work illuminates emerging areas of applied chemistry in the 21st century.
  • His/Her innovation significantly impacts the company’s business by creating a new market, expanding an existing market, or commercializing a breakthrough process technology.
  • His/Her innovation demonstrates the positive impact of applied chemistry on the quality of life.

3. The Medal may not be received in absentia, except under conditions of grave emergency, approved by the Chairman of the American Section of the Society of Chemical Industry.  As with the Perkin Medal, the SCI America Gordon E. Moore Medal recipient will receive a medal, but no other compensation.

4. The SCI America Gordon E. Moore Medal will be presented during the luncheon of a symposium, whose theme is creativity and innovation.  A Steering Committee (see section II below) will help identify candidates, screen nominations for adherence to the criteria, and select the top three nominations for final decision by the SCI America Executive Committee.

5.         The schedule for the nomination and approval process is:

  • Nominations solicited each September, at the time of the symposium
  • Closing date for nominations: 31 January
  • Selection of 3 potential recipients by Screening Committee: by 15 February
  • Ratification by SCI America Executive Committee during March meeting.

This timing is driven to coincide with the planned March timing for announcing the Perkin Medal recipient.

6.         This Committee will request nominations from:

  • CTO Steering Committee
  • Living Perkin Medalists and SCI America Gordon E. Moore Medal winners.
  • The companies of SCI America members.
  • American Chemistry Council (ACC).
  • Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA).
  • Science History Institute.

7.         The Screening Committee will review those nominated and submit a list of 3 potential award recipients, with qualifications and recommendation(s), to the Chair of the SCI America Medals Committee, who will forward to the SCI America Executive Committee for selection at the March SCI America Executive Committee meeting.

8          Once selected by the SCI America Executive Committee, the CTO Screening Committee Chair will notify the successful candidate of his/her receipt of the award and confirm the requirement that he/she receive the award in person and make a speech.

9. Nominees who are not selected as award winners shall remain in consideration for three additional years as long as they meet the award requirements.

How to Nominate

Nominations for the award are due by January 31st for the year in which it will be awarded.  Please use the form provided which may be supplemented by an updated C.V. and listing of patents, publications, and other materials describing significance of work and commercial impact

Moore Medal Nomination Form

Nomination materials may via email to or  be sent by mail to:

SCI America Administrator
Science History Institute
315 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103